Jos Verstappen: “I gave Max bad equipment”

28. Aug 2020 
by Ziv Knoll

Jos Verstappen says he would sometimes give his son Max Verstappen a poor kart with the intentions of helping Max develop his skills in a vehicle that isn’t always perfect.

“We did that a few times to get that feeling”, Jos said to the Talking Bull. “It is important that you know what should be done with a car and how to handle it. During some races I even told Max I didn’t want him to overtake in some scenarios because I felt it was too easy for him. I wanted him to think about alternative catch-up options. I think it was just to make it harder for him, and to find other ways for him to learn something.”

“We were always practicing that”

Verstappen senior continues: “Especially when Max was young. I also sent him a lot on a wet track. I thought him to take a good look at the track. You don’t just feel where you need to go, you also need to see it. We were always practicing that. We stayed out on many circuits to practice these things”, Jos concludes.

A great learning, indeed.


Source: the Talking Bull

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