About Us

Hello dear readers,
my name is Ziv Knoll, from Antwerp, Belgium.
Wanted to share my passion for the sport with you.

I have always loved car racing since my childhood, and what I like the most about it :
people and the burning passion that drives them.

Drivers often sacrifice so much for their passion (sometimes, sadly even their own life) and very few become huge stars.
Nevertheless, nearly all of them have an interesting story to tell, and this is what fuels my passion.

In this website, I’ll comment the news, I’ll post historical pictures that inspire me
and I’ll share with you my racing memories,
both as a race driver and as a journalist.

I’ll also invite drivers and personalities to post pictures, and tell us what these pictures mean for them.
We’ll call them the ‘Star Contributors’.

Hope you’ll like it, as much as I enjoy making it.


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