Depailler’s helmet!

06. Jun 2024 
by Ziv Knoll

Vittorio Brambilla (1937-2001) was a Formula One driver from Italy who raced for the March, Surtees and Alfa Romeo teams. Fast and fearless, especially in wet conditions, his nickname was “The Monza Gorilla”, due to his aggressive driving style and sense of machismo. He famously won in a March 751 the 1975 Austrian Grand Prix, held in the wet.

Picture above: Vittorio Brambilla at speed in his Surtees, during practice for the 1977 Argentinian Grand Prix. Oddly, the Italian doesn’t wear his usual red helmet, but has borrowed Patrick Depailler’s spare one for this practice session.

In 1977 thus, the fast Italian moved to Surtees, where he scored six points. At the same time, he also drove for the Alfa Romeo sports car team, achieving the World Championship for the team.

Picture below: Vittorio Brambilla, who has recuperated his red helmet, on his way to seventh in the 1977 Argentinian Grand Prix. The race was won by Jody Scheckter in the Wolf, a sensational victory for this team’s debut.




Source: DR

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