09. Jun 2024 
by Ziv Knoll

James Hunt scored his second of 2 wins in the ‘high-airbox’ McLaren M23 at the International Trophy held at Silverstone in April 1976 (picture above), both of these in non-championship F1 races, the first being the Race of Champions held at Brands Hatch, the month before.

For the 1976 Formula One season, high-airboxes on the top of the cars were banned, but were tolerated for the first few races of the season, including the two non-championship ones mentioned above.

Those were the ‘good old times’ where non-championship F1 races were held and were very disputed indeed and prestigious. This was the 28th edition of the International Trophy and the 40-lap race was won from pole position by James Hunt, driving a McLaren M23-Ford, who also set the fastest lap.

Italian Vittorio Brambilla, very fast in his orange car, finished second in a March 761-Ford, with South African Jody Scheckter third in the striking new six-wheeler, Tyrrell P34-Ford (picture-below, note the high-airbox that will disappear from the Spanish Grand Prix on).

Source: Matt Bishop

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