What else, George?

23. Dec 2021 
by Pierre Van Vliet

George Follmer was one of the most eclectic American racing drivers, half a century ago. He developed his skills on the road tracks in TransAm, shined briefly in IndyCar in 1969, first by winning the opening race on the oval of Phoenix at the wheel of his Cheetah, powered by the stock-block Chevrolet Track (picture above), then when he inherited the pretty Lotus 56, which turbine engine was replaced by the more conventional Plymouth V8 (picture below), for the final race of the championship at Riverside, the “Rex Mays 300”, where he finished fourteenth.

He then moved to Shadow to race in Can-Am, then in Formula 1, scoring a podium finish at his second attempt in Grand Prix, at Montjuich in 1973. Follmer meanwhile enters three consecutive times at the Indy 500, without much success. And its in the Can-Am Series that he shines again in the Team Penske-entered Porsche 917-10 and 917-30’s.


Source: DR

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