So close, yet…

29. Sep 2021 
by Ziv Knoll

Monza, Italian Grand Prix 1969.

As usual on the famous Autodromo it was all about slipstreaming. This race was notable in that less than 0.2 sec separated the top 4 drivers on the finish line.

Bruce McLaren (picture below, leading Stewart’s Matra) finished 4th in his McLaren, just 0.19s from the winner, Jackie Stewart (Matra-Ford).

So close… yet so far from victory for the New Zealander who was not even on the podium. Race results:

  1. Jackie Stewart, Matra-Ford.
  2. Jochen Rindt, Lotus-Ford, +0.08s
  3. Jean-Pierre Beltoise, Matra-Ford +0.17s
  4. Bruce McLaren, Mclaren-Ford +0.19s
Source: DR

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