Shark squadron

15. Oct 2020 
by Ziv Knoll

The 1961 Monaco Grand Prix was held on 14 May 1961. It was the first World Championship race under the new 1.5 litre engine regulations.

Ferrari fielded the pretty 156, designed by Carlo Chiti, soon to be called ‘Sharknose’ for its distinctive nose, for Americans Richie Ginther and Phil Hill and for German aristocrat Wolfgang von Trips (picture above).

Unfortunately, Ferrari factory policy saw all the remaining 156’s scrapped by the end of 1963 season. Nevertheless, such a 156 is exhibited in the “Galleria Ferrari” at Maranello, probably an excellent replica.

The 100 lap race was dominated by Brit Stirling Moss (picture here-under) in his Lotus-Climax followed by the three red sharks of Ginther and Hill followed by von Trips in 4th position.


Source: Bernard Cahier

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