Pushing too hard

20. Dec 2021 
by Ziv Knoll

British driver Tony Brooks, driving a works Ferrari 246 F1, won the 1959 French Formula One Grand Prix at Reims. Brooks dominated the race, and despite a sticking throttle, crossed the finishing line 27 seconds ahead of his team mate Phil Hill.

Stirling Moss was disqualified from eighth position after receiving a push-start (picture above), in his British Racing Partnership entered BRM P25. Moss had pushed his car hard trying to overcome a failing gearbox, claiming a new lap record.

Jean Behra too, pushed his Ferrari 246 F1 hard(picture below by Bernard Cahier), climbing into third against fierce opposition, but his engine broke under his charge, and the Frenchman had a (over)heated discussion with team manager Romolo Tavoni (he even punched him!). It would be Behra’s last race for Ferrari, with the Frenchman being fired for the assault.


Source: Bernard Cahier

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