Pure poetry

02. Jun 2024 
by Ziv Knoll

Jim Clark (1936 – 1968) was an exceptional human being. He was a driving genius, a poet at the wheel of a race car, whose personal integrity and admirable human qualities endeared him to fans and rivals alike.

Picture above: Jim Clark, Lotus 33, on his way to victory at the 1965 Dutch Grand Prix held at Zandvoort. This fantastic Yves Debraine picture shows an artist at work.

Nearly invincible in the car, with a smooth and precise driving style and speed that nobody in his era could match, he seemed vulnerable out of it and was always a reluctant hero. Few champions were as dominant. Fewer still are remembered so fondly.

The Scot won six of ten Grand Prix of the 1965 season, like here-below at Zandvoort (1965 Dutch Grand Prix) and became Formula One World Champion for the second time.

Source: Yves Debraine

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