Paddock life

17. Nov 2021 
by Ziv Knoll

Ronnie Peterson (1944 – 1978) was a Swedish racing driver. He was so talented that he quickly earned the nickname “SuperSwede”. Peterson was a two-time (1971 and 1978) runner-up in the Formula One World Drivers’ Championship and a ten-time Grand Prix winner.

Picture above: Ronnie and and his wife Barbrö, the paddock life in the early 70s, very far from the enormous facilities the Formula One teams nowadays enjoy.

1971 was a very busy and successful season for Ronnie Peterson: He was a works March driver in Formula One and Formula 2. In F1 he scored five podiums and finished runner-up to Jackie Stewart in the championship, while on the remaining week-ends, he won five races on his way to becoming European Formula 2 champion!

Picture below: Ronnie Peterson, March 712M Cosworth-FVA, at Rouen-les-Essarts F2.

Source: DR

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