Still fast at 40

14. May 2024 
by Ziv Knoll

Now in his forties, Jacques Laffite returned to Ligier in 1985 and partner Italian hot-shoe Andrea de Cesaris in the French squad. He did well to finish three times on the podium that year: in Great-Britain, Germany and Australia, for a total of 16 championship  points.

Picture above: Jacques Laffite qualified 16th for the 1985 San Marino held at Imola in his Ligier JS25-Renault (picture-below), but had to walk back to pits in the race, when his engine broke. Elio de Angelis was declared the winner, when Alain Prost was disqualified, his McLaren found to be two kilograms underweight in post-race scrutineering.

Jacques Laffite has participated in a total of 176 Formula One Grand Prix between 1974 and 1986, won six races, seven pole positions and stood 32 times on the podium. He’s the father of Margot Laffite, racing driver and journalist for Canal +, and the brother-in-law of Jean-Pierre Jabouille.

Source: Samuele Hlede

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