Getaway in Milan

17. May 2024 
by Ziv Knoll

In the summer of 1981, taking a break during a test session at Fiorano, Didier Pironi and Gilles Villeneuve decided to spend some free time together in Milan. Nobody knew about it, the two were supposed to be on ‘stand by’ while their mechanics were working on the red cars.

However around 9 am, the phone rang and someone told them that their 126CK will be ready earlier than expected and that they should start testing shortly.

They jumped into their ‘borrowed’ Ferrari 308 GTB (picture-above), well-decided to drive the 170km that separated them from Fiorano, as fast as possible. Despite heavy morning traffic and works on the highway, they reached the track only 42 minutes later, …at an average speed of 220 km/h! Testing started on time.



Source: Z. Barbaric

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