Jody Scheckter

05. Aug 2020 
by Ziv Knoll

Jody Scheckter is a South African former racing driver. He competed in Formula One from 1972 to 1980, winning the Drivers’ World Championship in 1979 with Ferrari.

Scheckter reached Formula One in 1972 with McLaren and at first earned himself the reputation of being fast but wild. He then moved to Tyrrell in 1974 scoring his first Grand Prix victories, but didn’t like the concept of the 6 wheeler P34 and moved to the new team Wolf in 1977 finding instant success.

He was then recruited by Enzo Ferrari for the 1979 season, was fast and consistent all season, by now he was more experienced, and succeeded to beat Gilles Villeneuve (super fast but suffering reliability issues) to the crown.

Drove for the McLaren, Tyrrell, Wolf and Ferrari teams.

Competed in 113 Grand Prix, 10 victories, 33 podiums and 3 pole positions.

He is pictured here-above helmet on in the cockpit of the Ferrari 312T4, and here-under on the Monza podium (with Gilles Villeneuve) in 1979.

Source: DR

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