James Hunt & Tony Brise & Ronnie Peterson

13. May 2019 
by Ziv Knoll

Tony Brise was a very talented up and coming driver.

Brise made his Grand Prix debut for Williams at the 1975 Spanish Grand Prix, where he finished 7th his race affected by a collision with Tom Pryce.

The Englishman was then called to the Embassy Hill team for the Monaco Grand Prix, and for the rest of the season.

Over the next few race, Brise showed a lot of promise, recording some very fast times, both in qualifying and in the races, even frequently outperforming his team-mate and future world champion Alan Jones.

He participated in 10 GP’s in 1975, before sadly dying in a plane crash with Graham Hill on 29th of November 1975.

He was considered a bright hope and one to watch in the future.

Source: DR

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  1. Malheuresement les trois grand pilotes réunis sur cette photo nous ont quittés (trop tôt)

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