Gonzalo Rodriguez.

11. Sep 2019 
by Ziv Knoll

Today, let’s remember Gonzalo ‘Gonchi’ Rodriguez who was fatally injured on this day of 1999 while qualifying his Penske at Laguna Seca.

He showed promise in Formula 3000 for three seasons, showing great speed, taking two wins in 1998 at Spa-Francorchamps and Nurburgring, winning the following season in Monaco and finishing third in both championships.

He was given the opportunity to show his talent in the CART series when Roger Penske called end of 1999.

At the Laguna Seca Raceway during the qualification session for his second CART race (in fifth place while qualifying), what seems to be a break failure, sent him straight in the barriers. The impact caused his car to flip over the barrier and land upside down. Gonzalo was killed instantly.

That day we lost a fantastic, fast and fun guy.
A great loss.

A movie called ‘Gonchi’ about the Uruguayan’s life is being announced.

Source: Peter Burke

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