Vanwall in front!

11. Sep 2021 
by Ziv Knoll

Superb performance for the Vanwall drivers who captured the three first places on the front row of the 1957 Italian Grand Prix held at Monza.

Stuart Lewis-Evans (car #20) was on pole, Stirling Moss (car #18) was second, and Tony Brooks (car #22) third (picture above).

A few years ago, Bernie Ecclestone told journalist Doug Nye: “Stuart was superb, oozing with talent. He’d have been one of the greats. He was already as quick as or quicker than Moss.”

It must be said that Bernie was not very objective on this subject, because they were best mates, but it’s serious praise, nevertheless.

Moss (picture below) won de race from Fangio (Maserati), the two great aces finishing 2 laps (!) ahead of everyone else.

1957 Italian Grand Prix.

Source: Michael Tee

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