Short sleeves!

25. Jan 2024 
by Ziv Knoll

Luigi Villoresi (1909-1997) at the wheel of his Ferrari 375 finished in third at the 1951 French Formula One Grand Prix held at Circuit de Reims-Gueux. Note the short-sleeves polo, the absence of seat-belts and rollbar. Not many people paid attention to safety those days, and the drivers considered themselves as the descendants of the WWII fighter pilots. Risk was part of racing.

The race was won by Juan Manuel Fangio and Luigi Fagioli driving an Alfa Romeo. After 10 laps into the race, the engine of Fangio’s car started to misfire, so he stopped and the team ordered Fagioli to share his car with Fangio. It was the first of three occasions where two drivers would be credited with a Grand Prix win after sharing a car (picture below)


Source: DR

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