An arrow for Piquet

19. Jan 2024 
by Ziv Knoll

The Brabham BT52-BMW was a Formula One car designed by longtime Brabham designer Gordon Murray for the 1983 season. He simplified the design of this striking single-seater, by putting all major components at the back: it gave the car better traction, it looked like an arrow and fast it was.

The car ran on Michelin tyres and was powered by the BMW M12/13 four-cylinder turbocharged engine, which in 1983 was able to produce 1280 bhp in qualifying. For the races, to ensure its  reliability, it was detuned to around 850 bhp. Its drivers were 1981 World Champion Nelson Piquet and Riccardo Patrese.

Nelson Piquet (picture-above) qualified in 6th for the 1983 Monaco Grand Prix in his Brabham BT52-BMW and after a great drive, crossed the line in second position and earned a well-deserved podium after setting fastest lap as well. Victory went to reigning World Champion Keke Rosberg, who dominated the race in his Williams FW08, while pole man Alain Prost (Renault) could do no better than third.

The 1983 Drivers’ World Championship was going to be decided in favour of Nelson Piquet (picture-below) at the last race of the season, the South African Grand Prix held at Kyalami. His second crown, while runner-up Alain Prost will have to wait another two years before becoming world champion as well.



Source: DR

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