Monaco in yellow

16. Sep 2021 
by Ziv Knoll

In 1987, the signing of a deal with engine builder Honda was followed by a change in sponsor: the black and gold livery of JPS was replaced on the Lotus by the yellow of cigaret brand Camel, who brought a substantial budget that was supposed to enable the team to raise it’s game and give team leader Ayrton Senna a chance to aim for the Drivers’ World Championship.

Indeed, the team progressed and Senna won for the first time at Monaco (picture above and below) in front of Nelson Piquet (Williams) and Michele Alboreto (Ferrari).

Two weeks later, at the Detroit Grand Prix, the Brazilian was again unstoppable, but these two victories and a third place in the Drivers’ Championship were not sufficient to convince him to further stay at Lotus and at the end of the year Senna moved to Ron Dennis’ McLaren-Honda where glory was awaiting.

Source: Sutton images

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