Henton and the black flag

28. Jun 2024 
by Ziv Knoll

Brit Brian Henton (picture-above) did very well to qualify his Boro 001-Cosworth (formerly an Ensign) in 23rd position for the 1977 Dutch Grand Prix held at Zandvoort. Notice the marshal’s BMW casually parked behind the guard rail. Not less than 34 participants were entered and only 26 of them would qualify for the race.

Amongst the drivers who failed to qualify were the likes of Patrick Nève, Arturo Merzario and locals Boy Hayje and Michael Bleekemolen in privately-entered March’s, as well as Vern Schuppan (Surtees), Ian Ashley (Hesketh), Héctor Rebaque (Hesketh) and Teddy Pilette (BRM).

Henton had a problem on the starting grid, was pushed by one of his mechanics so he could finally start, but the rules forbid external assistance. It took the marshals 52 laps to show him the black flag, that meant his disqualification!

The race was won by Niki Lauda (Ferrari) who narrowly (1.89s) beat the Ligier-Matra of Jacques Laffite to the line (picture-below). All the others were a lap down and Jody Scheckter (Wolf) took the last podium step.

Source: DR

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