Fullerton remembers Senna

08. Jan 2020 
by Ziv Knoll

British former karting world champion, Terry Fullerton, who was Senna’s teammate in karts during the late 1970s, was the driver Ayrton Senna most respected in karting and most enjoyed dueling with.

Fullerton remembers : “We didn’t get particularly close because he didn’t want to let our friendship blossom, he could have done that but that was his personality and his way of dealing with it. He had to make you an enemy in order to compete against you, he couldn’t keep you as a friend or even view you as a reasonable acquaintance.”

“I liked him, he was a nice kid, I just thought the way he dealt with his adversaries was too emotional and from my point of view that wasn’t the best way of handling it – but that’s the way he was, a victim of his of personality.”

Source: DR

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