Fresh paint

15. Jun 2020 
by Pierre Van Vliet

This story is a tasty one: at the first Monaco Grand Prix in 1929, the Bugatti 35B of future winner William Grover-Williams had arrived at the last minute.

When he discovered his race car was painted in blue color, the British driver decided to wake up at 5am on race day to cover his car with the famous British Racing Green paint, and skipped the last practice sessions to let the paint dry!

This didn’t prevent him to win the 100-lap race of a race that lasted nearly 4 hours in front of the other Bugatti of Romanian driver Georges Bouriano and the Mercedes SSK of the German star Rudolf Caracciola.

A true hero of the Resistance during the second World War, sadly William Grover-Williams was executed by the nazis in the concentration camp of Sachsenhausen on April 23 1945.

Source: DR

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