Jean Alesi, 1990

20. Apr 2020 
by Ziv Knoll

Jean Alesi became Tyrrell’s lead driver in 1990 for what would be his first full year in Grand Prix racing (prior to the start of the season, Alesi only had 8 race starts in F1).

At the first event, the US Grand Prix at Phoenix, he led for 25 laps in front of Ayrton Senna with a car powered by a customer Ford V8 considered vastly inferior to the powerful  V10 Honda in Senna’s McLaren, and also re-passing Senna after the Brazilian had first overtaken for the lead.

Alesi brough his Tyrrell to a sensationnal second place at Phoenix and then succeeded to do the same thing at Monaco, and all the top teams were clamouring for his services in 1991.

Source: DR

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