A very special Lord

13. Sep 2021 
by Ziv Knoll

Having dropped out of school to pursue his interest in cars, Lord Alexander Hesketh launched his own Formula One team, with his own money in 1973.

Hesketh Racing stood out in a field of corporate sponsors; their car was decorated in patriotic red, white and blue (picture below). But it was their image off the track that brought most attention, Hesketh, its owner but also its star driver James Hunt, were the original ‘work hard, play hard’ team, famous for their yacht parties and champagne lifestyle.

“We are the only team to have arrived with one car but with a spare yacht” – Lord Alexander Hesketh.

Le Patron (picture above, at Monaco in 1975) apparently tries a manoeuvre to protect James Hunt and the team from the hazards of Monaco’s social life. In vain, probably.


Source: Hesketh Racing

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