“I realised how outstanding he was”

10. Oct 2020 
by Ziv Knoll

Gerhard Berger speaks about his relationship with Ayrton Senna: “We had really good relationship because, I mean first, we were the same age, we knew each other from the Formula 3. We spent time together, we spent holidays together in his place in Brazil. We played around. We went out.”

“Before joining him at McLaren, until this stage all my team-mates had been very good, but no problem to beat them” Berger adds. “So when I came into the team (McLaren), I said, ‘Okay I know he’s very good. But I’m going to beat him.’ But quickly I realised then how outstanding he was.”

“But I was not jealous, I was just thinking: ‘It’s up to me to get better, to improve myself to beat him.’ And I think he understood immediately that we would be playing a fair game when we were competing with each other. And so, we had room for friendship. And I mean, a great great friendship over the years.”


Source: Louis Gregoire

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